• Learn to play harmonica with fun!
  • Play with a Blues Harp or the specially optimized Junior Harp!
  • Experience 5 exciting worlds and immerse yourself with Virtual Reality (VR)!
  • Show off your skills to unlock new content and achievements!
  • Learn everything about the harmonica and its creation and find out much more about music!
Full version for Android and IOS:


Demo version

Full version

Play the free trial version here.

Experience the Little Harmonica’s complete adventure!

Scope of the game:

  • Explore the rehearsal room
  • Learn to play 3 songs
  • Wipe the notes or use e.g. the blues harp or the specially optimized junior harp
  • VR compatible

Scope of the game:

  • Explore 5 worlds in lovingly created 360° environments
  • Learn over 15 songs from a variety of musical genres
  • Swipe the notes or use e.g. the Blues-Harp or the specially optimized Junior-Harp
  • Play the songs even faster in "Touch" mode!
  • VR compatible